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    Good transportation is one of the most important parts of any tour. You can’t see the city siting in an uncomfortable car. Specifically for this reason I use only new cars, minivans, or coaches in my tours. Private tours for 1-4 people can be done with my own car. It’s a new 2014 D-class car – Ford Mondeo. This model is one of the largest in that class and it is comfortable even for 4 tall passengers. The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, 7 airbags, and has excellent sound insulation. It’s one of the best cars for comfortable and safe driving around the city and to the suburbs. If my car is busy with other tours be sure that I’ll find a tourist class car with guide for you.

    You may choose different kinds of cars for your tour in St. Petersburg. Executive and luxury cars can be rented for the tours too; it all depends on your wishes.

            For a company of  4-6 people I can offer a minivan such as Mercedes-Viano, Volkswagen Transporter, or Hyundai  Starex. This class of vans is good and comfortable for exploring the city.

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       Buses for 8-50 or more people may be needed for big group of tourists. All busses fulyl meet the requirements for tourist transportation.








    If you wish to do a tour in a retro Soviet car – Volga (GAZ -21), then we I can also provide it for you. This car was a dream of every Soviet person during the time of Soviet Union.


Private boat in St Petersburg and Kronstadt

We can also do our tours on private boats, helicopters, planes.

 For all details please contact me.

+7 (960) 276 34 50.



Your guide in St Petersburg, Roman.