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Tour to Kronstadt.

   Kronstadt is a suburb of St. Petersburg, located 30 km (19 miles) west of the city center. Kronstadt is situated on the Kotlin Island and is connected with the banks of the Finnish Gulf by a dam (The Saint-Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex). Kronstadt is not an Imperial residence with palaces and parks like other suburbs of St. Petersburg. Kronstadt was constructed as a naval fortress and a base of the Russian Baltic Fleet. As a monument of fortification, Kronstadt is included in the UNESCO’s list of the World Heritage Objects. Kronstadt is the city of military glory and the Kronstadt Fortress was the strongest naval fortress in Europe.

 Kronstadt panoramaKronstadt panorama


   If you have seen palaces and cathedrals of St. Petersburg and want to add something new, then the tour to Kronstadt is exactly what you need. I’d like to offer my tour to Kronstadt, one of the most interesting places near St. Petersburg.  Kronstadt is a unique place – phenomenal inventions were made there and not one enemy has ever occupied the fortress. The radio receiver was invented by Alexander Popov in Kronstadt in 1895, one year before Marconi. All Russian expeditions started from Kronstadt and culminated in many great geographical discoveries. Many islands, geographic objects in the Ocean, as well as the Antarctic continent were all discovered by Russian sailors from Kronstadt.



   During the tour to Kronstadt we’ll see many interesting places connected with history and with the present life of the Russian navy. Here you will find the Kronstadt sea gauge. This is a zero level measure for the Baltic system of altitudes. All depths and altitudes (even the altitude of spacecraft flights) in Russia and some nearby countries also measure them from the zero level of Kronstadt sea gauge.

the sea gaugethe sea gauge  The Italian palace is located near the sea gauge. This palace is the former residence of Prince Menshikov (the closest assistant of Peter the Great). In the 18th and 19th centuries, the naval colleges were located there. Today the palace is used for Kronstadt naval base offices.


Palace of A. MenshikovPalace of A. Menshikov


    The Petrovsky Park is also located nearby. It has a beautiful embankment and a monument to Peter the Great, both of which attract many visitors. Monument to Peter I, the founder of Kronstadt, was opened in 1841. On the opposite side of the pedestal the order of Peter I had been carved, and it says: “To the Defending Fleet and this place, it is the most important deed to hold off the enemy, even if it is to the last breath.”









    The main attraction of Kronstadt is the Naval Сathedral. The magnificent Naval Cathedral leaves no one indifferent.  It is a pearl of Kronstadt.  The Naval Cathedral was built in 1903-1913 by V. Kosyakov. It was created to honor all Russian sailors. In 2013 the reconstruction of the Naval Cathedral was finished and now we can see it in its original form.

 the Naval cathedralthe Naval cathedral


Kronstadt forts tour. 

   St. Petersburg was securely protected by Kronstadt Fortress from the sea-side. The fortress consists of 21 naval forts – an artificial island which is surrounded by the Gulf of Finland. It is a unique monument of fortification. Seventeen forts out of twenty-one are the water forts. Today most of Kronstadt Forts are disarmed and are available for visiting. Some of the forts are connected to Kronstadt by dams and we can visit them as a part of our tour. 


 Kronstadt fortsKronstadt forts

    Meanwhile I can offer a fantastic tour like no other to Kronstadt Forts from my boat (16,5 feet long, maximal carrying capacity - 1,5 tons, max passenger capacity - 10 individuals). My high-speed boat is able for comfortable and safe transportation to the Kronstadt Forts for about 6-7 persons.  It will be an unforgettable adventure for you. During the tour you’ll know about the history and the armament of the Kronstadt Fortress. Tour to the Forts is a sail around the most interesting forts and also landing on 1-2 of them.

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You can find more information about Kronstadt on the special web-page devoted to it. Tour to Kronstadt and its forts can be well combined with the tour to Peterhof thanks to close location. 


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