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   St Petersburg and Kronstadt private boat tours

Dear guests, St Petersburg is the water city.  More than 40 islands, long and small canals, water streams and rivers make St Petersburg unique. To show you all lovely places and views I may offer a private boat tour by my boats in St Petersburg and Kronstadt.  As far as I'm an owner of watercrafts I'm ready to offer the best conditions and prices.

Boat in St Petersburg.

Built: 2019 (New!)

Capacity: 1-6 persons.

Duration of tours: 1-5 hours.

Destinations: Any boat tours, Rivers and canals of St Petersburg, Gulf of Finland, tour to Kronstadt, Peterhof and fortress Oreshek by boat. 

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Boat in Kronstadt

During your tour of Kronstadt we may sail around fortifications and visit some of them. 

Built: 2014

Capacity: 1-5 persons.

Duration of tours: 1-5 hours.

Destinations: Gulf of Finland, fortifications of Kronstadt

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