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Tour to Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin).

      Tsarskoe Selo is a former Summer Imperial Residence. The modern name of this suburb is the city of Pushkin. In 1937, Tsarskoe Selo was renamed after Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet. Today both names are used together. Tsarskoe Selo is one the most interesting suburbs of St. Petersburg. During the tour to Tsarskoe Selo, you’ll see The Catherine Palace and the park, both real gems of Russian culture. 


    The magnificent 18th century Catherine  Palace, together with the AmberRoom, attracts millions of tourists every year.  The Amber  Room has an unbelievable story. It was presented to Peter I as a diplomatic gift, and during the WWII the Amber  Room was stolen by the Nazis and was never founded. The Amber Room is rightly called The Eighth Wonder of the World.  During the tour to Tsarskoe Selo you’ll see the recreated Amber  Room which was opened to the public in 2003.



     Other interiors of the Catherine Palace will not leave you indifferent. Every interior is unique. The golden suet of rooms is a real jewel. The wonderful suet of rooms in the palace was created by F. Rastrelli and it impresses everyone.



  The Catherine Park looks like a frame for the luxurious palace. Walking around the park is an inseparable part of the tour to Tsarskoe Selo. The Catherine Park consists of two main parts – the French Formal Garden in the front of the palace, and the English Landscape Garden around the Big Pond. A walk in the park during a good day will be an ideal addition to your Tour to Tsarskoe Selo.  


   Tour to Tsarskoe Selo lasts 4-5 hours. We can start our way from your hotel or a place of your choice. It’ll be a good idea to devote the whole day to St. Petersburg suburbs and visit Pavlovsk or Peterhof together with the tour to Tsarskoe Selo. A private Tour to Tsarskoe Selo can be planned as a tour by car, but we can also use the public transport. All details and ideas can be discussed.

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