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Dear guests, I’m glad to inform you about the new service provided by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. From October of 2019 the citizens of 53 countries will be able to visit St. Petersburg and Leningrad region with a free electronic visa. It means that, the St Petersburg became in fact visa-free and opened for new tourists and you will have no problem with the visa.  Before this possibility the foreign citizens could enter St Petersburg without a visa only by ferry or a cruise vessel and only with the help of tour-operators or a local guide. This service is still active but new way of entrance, by the electronic visa, is making your journey much easier and better!



What to do to have e-visa?

You can apply online for a single-entry visa on the website of the Russian ministry for foreign affairs. The visa is valid within 30 days after an approval online. It lets a foreigner stay in Russia up to 8 days starting from the date of entry. The length of the permitted stay cannot be extended. It’s required to have a printed visa approval and a medical insurance valid in Russia for the entire period of your stay to show at the border checkpoints. The e visa will be free of charge at least until 2021.


Direct link to the Russian ministry for foreign affairs servise for e-visa: https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/spb_home_en.html  



N/B (!!!): Be very accurate with letters for application. All must be absolutely the same like in your passport. Small difference like "e and ē" - and you'll be stopped on the border.


How to go to Spb?

A foreigner can entry St. Petersburg or Leningrad region by e-visa through Pulkovo airport, the checkpoints on the Russian-Finnish border Torfyanovka, Svetogorsk, Brusnichnoe for cars, buses and bikes, as well as trough Ivangorod on the Russian-Estonian border, which is also possible to use for pedestrians. The list of maritime border checkpoints for e-visa holders includes a port of St. Petersburg and a port of Vysotsk.


It’s not possible to use the train Allegro (Helsinki – St. Petersburg) to travel to Russia with an e-visa. E-visa will be accepted in Allegro not earlier than in 2020. A railway border checkpoint can be included to the list later.

Foreign citizens should leave the territory of the Russian Federation only through checkpoints of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. It means that all days you should be in St Petersburg and Leningrad region. It is assumed that the e-visa will be imposed throughout Russia from 2021.


The list of foreign States whose nationals can apply for e-visa:

Austria, Andorra, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Vatican, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Qatar, Cyprus, China (including Taiwan), The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech, Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Japan.


“Ay, ships of every flag shall come
By waters they had never swum...”

From the poem the Bronze Horseman by Alexander Pushkin


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