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   Tour to Peterhof.

      Tour to Peterhof - the summer imperial residence  will be one of the most spectacular experiences in your journey. It is not a suprise, because Peterhof is one of the best places of St. Petersburg. Peterhof means "Peter's Yard". Peterhof is located on the southern bank of the Gulf of Finland. Originally Peterhof was a maritime residence of the Russian Emperors. Tsar Peter the Great wanted to show that Russia became one of the most powerful nations with a fleet. And Peter I had a right to be proud: in 1720-s the Russian Navy became the third largest in the World. That’s why the water and symbols of the Russian glory are found everywhere in Peterhof.


    During the private tour to Peterhof you'll see the largest, and the most beautiful fountains in the World. All fountains of Peterhof work without any pumps, starting from the beginning of the 18th century.  Wonderful palace on the top of the hillside creates an enchanting impression Peterhof is located within 30 km to the West of St. Petersburg city center and you should definitely visit it!




     Duration of the Peterhof guided tour is 4-5 hours. In Peterhof we will visit the park with the fountains, 1 or 2 palaces (at your request). But I should say – the most important sight in Peterhof are the fountains, and visiting the Great Palace only complements your impression about this place.


Tour to Peterhof with me:

- A private tour to the Great  Peterhof  Palace and the Lower  Park, one of the most popular attractions of St. Peterburg.

- Your will see the world’s largest system of fountains at the Peterhof Grand Cascade.

- A Relaxing walking tour around the wonderful parks of Peterhof.

- All transportation by my business-class car or by an air conditioned car / mini-van / hydrofoil. 

 We can reach Peterhof two ways: by car and by hydrofoil. Transfer from St Petersburg to Peterhof by a hydrofoil last only 30 minutes. But the same way to Peterhof by car just from your hotel takes 50 minutes


 If you want to know Peterhof deeply I can offer you a special tour to the places around the main garden. The Alexandria park with palaces, the pavilions on the Olga's pond, the Belvedere palace will not leave you indifferent. This tour to unknown Peterhof would be really interesting addition to the general guided tour to Peterhof

 You can book tour to Peterhof right now! Please contact me.

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by phone: +7 (960) 276 - 34 - 50

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 hydrofoil to Peterhofhydrofoil to Peterhof

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