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Visa-free tours for cruise passengers.

   Together with my partners from an accredited tour agency, I’ll be glad to offer 1-3 days long visa-free tours in St. Petersburg. You can book any list of excursions and activities in St. Petersburg and after coordinating all tour details - I’ll send you a tour-ticket for entering the city by an e-mail. I can offer different program of visa-free tours to St. Petersburg both for individual tourists and groups. Private tours for disabled people can be organized as well.  

Choices of visa-free tour programs for cruise passengers:

1st Day;

Meeting in the sea port, City-tour with The Peter and Paul Fortress (inside), St Isaac’s Cathedral (inside), Church of the Savior on Blood (inside) - 4 hours;

Lunch time 1-1.5 hours;

The State  Hermitage  Museum - 2 hours;

Boat Tour - Rivers and Canals of St. Petersburg - 1 hour;

Evening program - Ballet, or Folklore Show;

2nd Day;

Tour to Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo - 6-7 hours;

Guide services, car, all tickets are included.


            It’s only one of the visa-free tours choices for St. Petersburg. Together we can plan unique individual tours in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, all according to your wishes and ideas.

Sea port of St PetersburgSea port of St Petersburg Several years ago visa-free tours in St. Petersburg became a reality. Cruise passengers have the right to visit the Russian Federation without a visa.  If you come to St. Petersburg by a cruise ship, then you can visit the city and have no problem with visa applications. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But it's not that so simple. Of course there are a number of bureaucratic conditions. According to the Russian law, foreign tourists and persons without citizenship traveling on ferries and cruise ships may arrive to the port of St. Petersburg without a Russian visa and stay in Russia for no longer than 72 hours (3 days).


        All passengers traveling visa-free to St. Petersburg are required to present a passport before entering their ship.  Passports are required to be valid six months after arriving to St. Petersburg. All passengers traveling visa free have to reserve a sightseeing program in St. Petersburg in advance. Therefore you can visit the city ONLY with a help of a tour agency or a guide. Why? Because the accredited tour agency will send the list of passengers to the border officer and you must to show the tour-ticket to the officer on the control point. You CANNOT leave your ship without a tour-ticket or visa. A tour-ticket is a document which has your detailed tour information that you have to show to the border control officer. Your time of visitation and agenda have to be recorded on a tour-ticket in St. Petersburg. It’s obvious that you may get a tour-ticket with only an accredited tour company. Simply you have to buy a tour. If you want to explore the city independently you should have a Russian Visa. It’s true that getting visa requires time and money, but if you want to save time and money, you should book a visa-free tour to St Petersburg.

The ship doking on the English emb St PetersburgThe ship doking on the English emb St Petersburg


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