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The St Isaac’s Cathedral.

   The St Isaac’s Cathedral was built in 1818-1858. It is the 4th largest doomed cathedral in the World. It is dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, a patron saint of Peter the Great, who had been born on the feast day of that saint. The St Isaac’s Cathedral was created by the Catholic architect Auguste de Montferrand who built one of the largest Orthodox church in the world.  


    The cathedral amazes everybody. Its 101.5 m. (333 ft.) tall construction has gold cupolas. One of the finest 19th century architectural masterpieces, St Isaac's was known as Russia's principal cathedral. It is magnificently decorated with sculptures, paintings, polished stone, gilding, mosaics, and stained-glass panels.  Its façade is decorated with 112 solid granite columns. The observation platform on the colonnade provides a magnificent view of the city.


    The St Isaac’s cathedral is decorated by natural marble and gilded sculptures inside. The icon-stand has a wonderful design and size. The malachite pilasters are the largest in the world. The icons originally were created as a painting, but later some of them were replaced with mosaics.


  Now the St Isaac’s cathedral is a museum and during your tour to St Petersburg you can visit it.